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Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter

Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter
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Our price: $29.99 (22.49)

The Ultimate Mini Copter... Created by ThinkGeek

Here at ThinkGeek it seems like no matter how many little R/C helicopters we fly, we're always looking for a new high with the next greatest model. Which is why we decided to kick the vicious copter cycle and go ahead and create the perfect micro indoor helicopter. The Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter is an original ThinkGeek creation combining a futuristic drop-ship style design with precise flying characteristics and an innovative rear propeller system. Plus it just happens to be the smallest 3-channel R/C copter we've ever seen. So go ahead, enjoy the fruits of our helicopter obsession... we don't mind.

Precise Control
The secret of the incredible stability of the Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter comes down to the torque control afforded by the dual rotor design. A traditional helicopter with only one rotor generates massive torque when the top blade spins. Normally this would cause the copter to spin out of control, but the rotor on the tail is designed to offset this torque. Therefore piloting a traditional helicopter involves constantly adjusting the tail speed whenever you increase the speed of the top rotor... difficult and time consuming to learn. The Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter has dual rotors on the top which spin in opposite directions. These opposite spinning blades cancel out uncontrolled torque making for incredibly stable flight. For forward and reverse motion the tail rotor then blows up or down, pitching the copter forward or backward and causing it to move in that direction. It's a great control system and a pleasure to fly.

Innovative Forward Propulsion System
If you look carefully at the Dark Blade, you'll see two small side propellers that would appear to push the copter forward. Actually these side propellers are purely cosmetic. All the forward action happens with the small rear propeller hidden beneath the tail. This propeller then spins to pitch the Dark Blade copter forward or backward. In most small 3-Channel R/C copters the rear propeller needs to be mounted at some distance from the top rotors to get enough leverage to pitch the copter, this forces the helicopter design to be longer. However, the tail above the rear rotor in the Dark Blade acts to magnify the thrust of the propeller and allows a more compact 3-channel design.


Product Features

  • Easiest to fly, most precise controlling R/C copter yet
  • Three channel control gives you fully proportional up/down, right/left and forward/backward control
  • Amazing mini size for a 3-channel helicopter
  • Futuristic drop-ship style design
  • Sleek black plastic body. No foam cockpit.
  • Choose from two different channels and fly with a friend
  • Both channel copters are black in color, a red or blue LED headlight lets you know which is yours
  • Dual counter-rotating blades give incredible hovering and stability
  • Innovative tail design with hidden downward facing rear rotor
  • Helicopter Charges from Remote
  • Easy to adjust trim dial (rather than push buttons)
  • 7 Minute fly time, 10 minute charge time
  • Requires 6 AA batteries, not included
  • Copter is 11 cm in length with a top blade diameter of 13.5 cm
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